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We have a wide range of tantra and erotic massages available for both men and women.
All our massages are adaptable to your needs and highly erotic.
We are creating more to surprise you every day. We enjoy with you!

Full body massage

It is a massage applied from head to toe, perfectly interpreted and synchronized with medium pressure, slow rhythm, and the necessary sensitivity for you to enter a state of extreme relaxation.
Performed with hands, knees, and breasts. This massage is ideal for releasing tensions and restoring the body from daily stress.

Price: 50 min. €90
Price: 30 min. €60

Four-Hand full body massage

It’s the two-masseuse version of this tantra massage, with rhythmic and harmonic movements, you will feel seduced by two of our beautiful masseuses.

Price: 50 min. €120
Price: 25 min. €80

Total contact massage

It’s an absolutely erotic massage in which your masseuse will help you awaken your sexual energy by sliding over you.
This massage is performed with both bodies completely naked, achieving perfect and sublime contact of intimate skin, with the erotic purpose of intertwining and merging bodies, becoming one.

Price: 60 min. €100
Price: 30 min. €60

Four-Hand total contact massage

Two masseuses will apply the most sensual and erotic techniques, applied in unison with their entire bodies, where you will feel enveloped and seduced, being an active protagonist.
They will apply the most sensual techniques where you will feel seduced, two beautiful masseuses over your entire body.

Includes the endings you want!

Price: 60 min. €150
Price: 30 min. €100

Interactive Nuru massage

So soft and erotically scented, this massage is characterized by contrasting the warmth of the oil and its relaxing techniques with the revitalizing coolness of the NURU gel, which is applied to envelop the bodies and sensitize the skin. You’ll feel the anatomy of your favorite masseuse sliding over your body, experiencing the most sensual tantric positions.

Price: 60 min €120

Total contact massage with erotic shower

The moment to break the ice comes when your favorite masseuse invites you to shower with her, live this sensual and intoxicating experience, leave routine behind and savor our most interactive massage. Combined with Total Contact massage on the futon, your favorite, let yourself be pampered.

Includes the endings you want!

Price: 70 min. €120

Jacuzzi spa massage

This massage begins in the jacuzzi, where you will be seduced by the gentle caresses of our master. Enjoy the intimacy and sensuality that can only be achieved with this massage.
The second part is performed with a sensitive massage on the futon. This combination makes this massage highly relaxing, sensual, pleasurable, erotic, and completely unique.

Includes the endings you want!

Price: 70 min. €160

Four-Hand jacuzzi spa massage

Double pleasure, double seduction, two masseuses in the foamy bathtub just for you…

Includes the endings you want!

Price: 70 min. €200

Secret fantasy massage

This magical massage will be performed by two separate masseuses, each of them will show you what she knows how to do, and you will never see the face of your master. Feel, live, savor…

Includes the endings you desire. Experience pure eroticism!

Price: 70 min. €130

Couples massage

This type of massage is for couples to share a magical tantra experience and sensation.
Especially recommended for couples who want to initiate themselves in tantric sex. It’s our therapy to increase communication, fantasy, and sensuality within the couple. No taboos.

Includes endings for both!

Price: 75 min. €180
Price: 75 min. €220 (with two masseuses)

Massage for women

All massages on our menu are specially tailored to female clientele and their sensitivity.
We aim for women to reach a state of total relaxation, enjoying their bodies and the eroticism and liberation that it provides. We want you to discover tantra and develop your most erotic side.

We all carry a Goddess within ourselves, awaken her.

Price: Contact us for pricing!


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