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Erotic Massage Barcelona

We have at your total availability a wide range of massage and spa for both men and women.
All our massages are quite adaptable to your needs and highly erotic. We are creating even more to surprise you every day.
Come and enjoy!

Full massage

It is a full body massage done with hands, knees and breasts applying different pressures and rhythms throughout the body. All done with sensuality to get into a state of extreme relaxation. The best way to release tension and nerves recover from every day stress.

Price: 50 min. 90€
Price: 30 min. 60€

Full massage “four hands”

Feel seduced by two of our beautiful masseuses who made four hands a tantric massage all over your body, getting awaken your deepest pleasures. Includes happy endings you want!

Price: 50 min. 120€
Price: 25 min. 80€

Full-contact massage

It is an absolutely erotic massage in which your masseuse will help you awaken your sexual energy, gliding over you. This massage is done with the body of both two totally naked, achieving a total body contact getting achieve maximum pleasure. Includes endings you want!

Price: 60 min. 100€
Precio: 30 min. 60€

Full-contact massage “four hands”

Two masseurs will apply to you the most sensual and erotic techniques, applied in unison with the whole body, where you will feel enveloped and seduced, being active protagonist.
They will apply the most sensual techniques where you feel seduced, two beautiful masseuses all over your body.

Includes endings you want!

Price: 60 min. 150€
Price: 30 min. 100€


Nuru interactive Massage

Both soft and erotic essence, this massage is characterized by contrasting the heat of the oil and soothing techniques with the invigorating freshness of gel NURU that is applied in order to wrap the bodies and sensitize the skin, you’ll notice the anatomy of your favorite masseur you gliding over your body, you’ll know the most sensual tantric postures.

Pricie: 60 min 120€

Total contact erotic shower massage

The time to break the ice comes when your favorite masseur invites you to take a shower with her, living this sensual and intoxicating experience, leaves aside the routine and savor our more interactive massage, combined massage Contact Total futon, your favorite, let yourself pamper.

Includes endings you want!

Price: 70 min. 120€

Jacuzzi spa massage

This massage begins in the jacuzzi, where you’ll seduced by the sweet caresses of our teacher enjoys the intimacy and sensuality that can only be achieved with this massage.
The second part is made with a sensitive massage futon. This combination makes this massage highly relaxing, sensual, pleasant, erotic and totally unique.

Includes endings you want!

Price: 70 min. 130€

Jacuzzi massage “four hands”

Double pleasure, double seduction, two masseuses just for you. Includes endings you want!

Price: 70 min. 200€

Secret fantasy massage

This magical massage is given by two masseuses separately, each will show you what she can do and you will never see the face of your mistress . Includes double relaxation. Includes endings you want, live pure eroticism!

Price: 70 min. 160€

Couples massage

This kind of massage is for the couple shares a magical feeling and tantric experience. Especially, recommended for couples who want to get started in tantric sex. It is our therapy to increase communication, fantasy and sensuality in the couple. Out taboos Includes endings you want!

Price: 75 min. 180€
Price: 75 min. 220€ ( Two masseuses)

Women massage

All massages on our list are specially adapted to the feminine clientele and their sensitivity. We intend that women come to a state of total relaxation, enjoying herself and the eroticism and the liberation that this provides. We want you to know tantric experience and accept your most erotic side.

All carry a Goddess within, wake her up.


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